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Some Halakhot Concerning the Eruv
An eruv is not some magical means by which violation of Shabbat becomes permissible. Its purpose is to enhance individual and communal enjoyment of Shabbat through halakhically valid means. The eruv only permits the carrying of permissible objects. It does NOT permit anything that would otherwise be forbidden on Shabbat for any reason.
In particular, please note:
  1. Articles which are muktzah may not be carried or handled even within the eruv area.
  2. Umbrellas may not be used on Shabbat or Yom Tov since opening or closing them violates the prohibition of tent making. They may not be used even where there is an operable eruv.
  3. Ball-playing is considered ma'aseh chol, and is generally prohibited on Shabbat even where there is an eruv. It may be permitted for very young children. Moreover, tennis or jogging outfits are always inappropriate on Shabbat. One should dress on Shabbat in a manner that reflects the sanctity of the day.
  4. Bicycle riding is not permitted on Shabbat, even within an eruv.
  5. One may not enter a store or pick up merchandise (e.g. a newspaper) even if arranged before Shabbat.
  6. Burdensome carrying is not permitted even within an eruv. Generally,, the purpose of the eruv is to permit carrying a sefer or a talit to shul, keys, food, handkerchiefs and small necessities, as well as wheeling a baby carriage.
  7. Children must be taught the difference between an enclosed and an unenclosed area with regard to carrying, so that when visiting other communities where there is no eruv, no confusion of chilul Shabbat will arise. Adults also should remember, when visiting other communities, that carrying is not permitted where no valid eruv exists.